Fairless Hills Garden Center


Fun Fact: The official bird of Buck’s County is the Cardinal.

Pennsylvania is home to over 150 bird species, more than 85 have been observed in Bucks County during the 100 year old Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count. With the area’s lowest prices on seed, nuts, suet, & nectar, you’ll be able to feed them all!

Check out the Penn State Extension for more information on birding HERE.

Inside our Garden Shop we have over 500 square feet dedicated to bird houses, roosting pockets, feeders in many shapes & styles, including squireel-proof varieties, and of course seeds and food. Want to attract hummingbirds? No problem! We have everything you need to get started & keep them coming to your yard.

Attracting birds to your yard is a great natural form of insect control. Step up your game by adding one of our bat houses as well. A single house can provide shelter for up to 20 bats. A single bat can consume 1,200 insects per hour! Talk about effective insect control.

Our Brands

Better Bird Bird Food

  • Songbird Food (5lb, 17lb)
  • Beautiful Bird (5lb, 17lb)
  • Finch Food (4lb)


  • Bird Lover’s Blend Attract! (4lb)
  • Cardinal Buffet (7lb)
  • Cracked Corn (4lb)
  • Chickadee – Nuthatch (4.5lb)
  • Fancy Finch (2lb, 5lb)
  • Fire Mix Seed Additive (4oz)
  • In-Shell Peanuts (2lb, 10lb)
  • No Squirrels… Just Birds Hot Pepper (5lb, 10lb)
  • No Squirrels… Just Birds Sunflowerr (5lb)
  • No Waste (7lb)
  • Nut, Fruit & Berry (5lb)
  • Nyjer (2lb, 5lb)
  • Roasted Peanut Chips (3lb)
  • Shelled Peanuts (3lb)
  • Sunflower Hearts & Chips (3lb)
  • Value Blend (20lb)

C&S Products

  • Assorted Suet Cakes (Size Varies)
  • Assorted Suet Nuggets (Size Varies)
  • Fruit & Nut Snak w/ Suet Nuggets (2.25lb)
  • Songbird Snak w/ Suet Nuggets (2lb)
  • Woodpecker Snak w/ Suet Nuggets (2.4lb)
  • Squirrel Snak (2.7lb)
  • Squirrel Log Sweet Corn (16oz)
  • Squirrel Log Nut/Sweet Corn (16oz)
  • Stak’Em Assorted Flavors (Size Varies)


  • Cracked Corn (5lb)
  • Golden Safflower (5lb, 12lb)
  • Peanut Pieces (5lb, 15lb)

Morning Song

  • Cardinal (20lb)
  • Nut & Fruit Wild Bird Food (7lb, 15lb)
  • Birdwatcher’s Blend (8lb, 18lb)


  • Black Oil Sunflower (5lb, 10lb, 20lb)
  • Safflower (5lb, 20lb)
  • Striped Sunflower (5lb, 10lb, 20lb)

Wild Delight

  • Assorted Bird Food Blocks (Size Varies)
  • Bugs for Birds (16oz)
  • Advanced Mealworms (16oz)
  • Advanced Bugs N’ Berries (4.5lb)
  • Advanced Cardinal Food (7lb, 20lb)
  • Deck, Porch, and Patio (5lb)
  • Gormuet Outdoor Bird Food (8lb, 20lb)
  • Advanced Songbird Food (8lb, 20lb)
  • Outdoor Finch Food (8lb, 20lb)
  • Special Finch Food (5lb)
  • Advanced Fruit N’ Berry (5lb, 20lb)
  • Advanced Nut N’ Berry (5lb, 20lb)
  • Sizzle N’ Heat (5lb, 14lb)
  • Wildlife Corn on the Cob (7lb, 20lb)
  • Woodpecker, Chickadee, and Nuthatch (5lb)
  • Zero-Waste Fruit Blend (5lb, 20lb)