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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is our Plant Hardiness Zone?

An area’s Plant Hardiness Zone (PHZ) is based off of the average low extreme temperature on that area. Currently Buck’s County is split: Upper Bucks Zone 6b (-5°F to 0°F), Lower Bucks Zone 7a(0°F to -5°F).

  • How do I care for my plant?

Different plants require different levels of care, however, there are a few general guidelines to follow to keep your plant happy and healthy.

  1. Be sure they are receiving the correct amount of sunlight.
  2. Be sure that their water requirements are being met.
  3. Be sure your soil meets your plants nutrient and acidic requirements.
  4. If your plants require dead-heading (pinching off old/dead/dying blooms, leaves, etc) be sure you are doing so regularly to allow for better growth and maximum blooming periods.

For plant specific information, Google.com is a great search engine for finding such information. 

  • How much mulch/soil/stone do I need for my bed/raised garden?

One of our most asked questions, “How much [mulch/soil/stone] do I need to cover [x]?” Fear not! We have this handy chart to take the mystery out of the equation. Multiply the width by the length of the area you need to cover to find the square-footage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend putting finer material down in shallower layers & larger material down in thicker layers. EX: Our mulch should be approximately 2″ – 3″ deep for optimal weed prevention & water retention without suffocating your plants. Pine Bark Nuggets should be approximately 4″ – 5″ deep.

  • How many bags of mulch/soil equals a standard yard?

A standard yard of mulch is equal to approximately 27 cubic feet.

Our most popular mulch (dyed & organic) is available in 2 cubic foot bags. You will need thirteen & a half (13.5) bags to equal a standard yard of mulch.

Our Cedar mulch is available in 3 cubic foot bags. You will need nine (9) bags to equal a standard yard of mulch.

Many of our soils (including top soil, mushroom compost, & manure) is available in forty pound (40lb) bags. The volume of will be determined by moisture content, but a good rule of thumb is one forty pound bag is equal to three quarters (3/4) of a cubic foot. You will need thirty six (36) bags to equal one standard yard. o

  • How much soil do I need to fill my pot?

It’s important to note that the following chart gives you approximate quantities. There are very few standards for container sizes & volumes, standard, tall, & azalea style pots can vary between manufacturers. The specific design & shape of your pot, soil compression, & moisture content will also determing the amount of soil you will need.

  • What seasons are you open for?

Our Garden Shop is open year-round, featuring garden supplies, seasonal merchandise, & plants.

Our outdoor yard is open Spring through Christmas.