Fairless Hills Garden Center


We carry a large variety of annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, veggies & herbs, ground-cover, and more to provide you with the area’s largest selection of quality plant material. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced gardener; planning an entire landscape or creating a simple planter, our seasonal selection is sure to perform in your next project.

Our plants begin to arrive in the Spring, usually sometime in March. It starts off with Pansies and some cold-weather perennials. Bulb Plants, like Daffodils and Tulips arrive next. Then, starting around mid-April, landscape trees and shrubs, annuals, and perennials arrive. By the time first of May, our outdoor yard is busting at the seams with amazing color! Be sure to always keep an eye out for new plants and grower’s trials during this time. These could end up being THE plant to have for the season.

The show continues on through the Summer. Perennial Grasses are always a hot item this time of year. We also feature heat and drought tolerant summer bloomers, like Zinnias, Vinca, and Portulaca, to keep your beds and planters looking their best. You’ll always be able to find something to fill that empty space or container.

Fall brings on an enitre new selection of annuals and perennials, including Mums, Millets, Montauk Daisies, and Ornamental Cabbage & Kale. What better way to finish off the growing season than with a huge show of color!?

Perennial Hibiscus
Perennial Hibiscus, or Rose Mallow, is native to Pennsylvania and the surrounding area! Stunning beautiful and deer resistant too!

Native & Organic

Plant with meaning by shopping our native & organic plant & seed varieties. Native plants not only establish faster & stronger but also require less watering, less pest & disease treatment, & are lower maintenance. Just look for the Native symbol on our signs. Our past native selection has included Red-twig Dogwood, Spicebush, Laurel, Eastern Redbud, Serviceberry, Columbine, Coreopsis, Bee-Balm, Black-Eyed Susan, & Switchgrass. Visit our store for current availability.

Our premium organic veggie & Herb plug selection grows each year. Grown from organic seed, using natural fertilizers & medium. Our selection has included tomatoes, eggplant, & peppers. Never one to disappoint, our Organic Seed selection includes cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, lettuce, peppers, sunflowers, basil, cilantro, & much, much more!

The majority of our plant stock comes from within a 100 mile radius.

Grown Local. Sold Local.

The majority of our bedding plants & landscape shrubs are are grown locally in Pennsylvania & New Jersey. Why does this matter? For one, we understand the importance of supporting local business. Secondly, it’s better for the plants – less travel time, less handling, less stress. That mean you receive the freshest, highest quality plants every time you visit. Finally, its better for your wallet! Shipping time & costs are greatly reduced, allowing us to pass those savings on to you!Feel confident in your plant selection. Our growers use NO harsh chemicals or neonicitinoides in their pest & disease management, & grow their stock using NON-GMO seed.

Our plant-stock changes with the season providing you with appropriate plants that will thrive in our zone (6b/7a – see our F.A.Q for additional information).